Commission information

Lined + Flat color

Bust: $20

Half body: $25

Full body: $30

Cell shaded

Bust: $30

Half body: $35

Full body: $40


Bust: $40

Half body: $45

Full body: $50

Additional options



  • 500x500 pixels
  • 120 dpi
  • Character bust or logo design only
  • Flat color + simple bg

'Color puke'

Bust: $50
Half body: $55
Full body: $60 

As many colors as you want!

(Color palettes look better however)

Comic pages

$60 per page

Flat color + simple BG shots

Limit 10 pages, contact me for large comic commissions, above price does not apply to large projects

Character turn arounds


  • front/back/side, flat color
  • 3 expressions
  • 2 unique qualities showcase

Traditional art

4x6" : $45

6x9" : $85

9x12": $150

You can pick from watercolor and colored pencils, and mixed media!

Pet commissions

4x6" : $45

6x9" : $85

9x12": $150

  • Fantasy background
  • Silly drawing
  • Traditional portrait

You can pick from watercolor and colored pencils, and mixed media!


Everything that Bratjedi has drawn for me is amazing! The colors, the characters, and the poses are phenomenal. Their ability to take a minor character from a show (with very few reference pictures) and create such stunning pieces never ceases to amaze me. You can bet that I’ll be back for more artwork in the future! – Snow-Slayer

I have commissioned Bratjedi multiple times throughout the last three years for multiple pieces of work ranging in both style and subject matter. She has always been reliable, easy to contact, and punctual with providing updates on pieces along with requesting more information and feedback on drafts as needed. Everything from simple flat color works to large multi-colored rainbow works have been treated with the same skill and dedication.
I have also purchased items from her teespring store, my most recent acquisition being a mug containing one of their art pieces which was printed and delivered in beautiful condition. Over all my experience with Bratjedi, her stores, and products has been a positive one and fully intend to continue to commission her in the future.

I adore commissioning and working with Bratjedi! She is so very creative and kind, and she works hard to make sure you're happy with your commission. If I'm unsure when it comes to the details of what I'd like, she takes the time to offer me suggestions or talk with me to give me the opportunity to bounce ideas around. She also makes herself very available! It's always so easy to find times that work for both of us to have a good chat. I've commissioned her for a couple of big projects and I'm always overjoyed with the result! If you have an idea or a project that you're passionate about, I highly recommend working with Bratjedi! She will work very hard to get your commission done in as timely and accurately as possible - and you'll both have a fantastic time to boot!

- Wannabeagrunklefan

Terms of service

How to commission:

-Fill out the form below (It simply emails me your inquire)

-Title the email “Commission” so I can find it easily

-Tell me what sort of commission you want
(sketch, flat, etc) (Ocs, family drawing, pet drawing, etc)

-Give me a clear reference image if it’s an OC or from a fandom I’m not familiar with

-I need clear pictures of your family or pet for portrait commissions

Once you send the email,I'll get back to you with a quote then you'd okay the amount and supply your paypal email.
I will then send you an invoice for the amount due
Amount includes Paypal’s fee

If you want to tip me at all, go ahead and do it through the invoice or buy me a coffee!
It’s super appreciated!! <3

 Thank you so much for your interest!

  • Once the payment has gone through I will begin work on your commission and send you update previews to make sure the commission is how you want it

Updates include:
Finished image

Once completely done I will send you the full resolution image and will post a lower resolution image on my blog!

Yes, I do take nsfw commissions

-Fictional characters only-

Paypal fee included

Ex. You send $30, paypal takes $1.17 and I only receive $28.83

On the invoice I will include the percentage they take out.
[Paypal fee calculator]

I add the fee to insure I get paid in full, rather than losing income due to the percent they take, I hope you understand!


(You must agree to all of my terms before sending me an inquire)

Payment is upfront no matter what

You wouldn't leave a store with a product before paying, same thing goes for my commissions.


I have the right to refuse any commission without supplying a reason why.

I have the right to all artwork for personal advertisements and products.

I retain all rights to my work and nothing, unless agreed to before hand, may be used commercially.

Will be updated as needed.

Commission info updated 10/10/2018.

Commission me <3

Thank you SO much for the support!

Your commissions go directly to helping my family with bills and encourages me to continue making art!