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Fionna Ellenwood's art


Fionna Ellenwood's art

Bringing my joy of art to you!

Bringing my joy of art to you!

About Me

My Background

I grew up in Escondido, California with a passion for art. My father, a graphic designer, and my mother, a seamstress, always encouraged my creativity!

Because of this, I chased whatever chance at art I could find including art class, dance and ballet, ceramics and pottery, video production, theater, and lots more.

I now live in South Carolina with a part time job along with my art freelancing. If you'd like to support my art, please visit my patreon, shop or buy me a ko-fi! 

How to support me

My Medium

I primarily work with digital art, which you can find on my twitter and tumblr. I also do watercolor, colored pencil and anything else I can get my hands on!
As a commission artist, I can draw anything your heart desires. Whether it is a portrait of your family or pet, your favorite character, or an OC that you made in the 5th grade, your imagination is my playground. 

I love doing mixed media in my traditional art, especially layering colored pencils on top of water color. It creates such a fun piece every time!

When it comes to my handmade items I primarily use clay to create fun accessories.

My Inspiration


My biggest inspiration is fellow independent artists. I grew up teaching myself how to draw and used DeviantArt and Youtube as a way to surround myself with people living the life I wanted for myself; a life self-sustained through selling art.

To name some artists would be Leigh Ellexson, Jacquelin Deleon, and Moxi Saturday and many many more! 

My art history inspirations would be Claude Monet, Alphonse Mucha and Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

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